Our Team

Karl Ziermann, D.O.

Welcome to Harmony. My name is Karl Ziermann, and I have been in clinical practice for over seven years. Prior to becoming a physician, I first earned my BS degree in Exercise Physiology with a focus on cardiovascular rehabilitation. I then pursued my MS in Clinical Nutrition. As a nutritionist, my practice was focused on optimizing nutrition to improve health and sports performance. I focused on the treatment and management of a variety of diseases including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. I have also worked extensively with athletes in improving performance and reducing injury.

I continued my training in Internal Medicine, completing additional training to sub-specialize in Sports Medicine. This has greatly helped my understanding, knowledge, and ability to effectively manage disease states. I utilize my various training daily to restore health and wellness, while advocating for a patient's whole body health. I look forward to working with people to restore and optimize their health.

Russell Tigges, M.D.

I am a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon with over 25 years experience in treatment of Hip and Knee arthritis. I also have a special interest in Functional Medicine and have completed the Kresser Institute Fellowship in Functional Medicine. I have a strong belief in the principles of finding the root cause of our medical problems and treating them with lifestyle interventions and basic supplementations and activities.

I feel many of our main health issues, including middle age frustrations, many metabolic conditions like diabetes and hypertension, and also early signs of Alzheimer's can be significantly improved through Functional Medicine intervention.

Richard Dentico

I have been in clinical practice for the past 12 years. I am board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with fellowship training in pain management, regenerative medicine and sports medicine. My goal, as a physiatrist, is to enhance and restore functional ability and quality of life to those with physical impairments or disabilities. Over the course of my career I have evolved this philosophy by looking beyond symptoms management and toward addressing upstream causes of chronic pain, chronic inflammation and physical/emotional dysfunction. Many of today's common maladies are a result of modern day living. My goal is to partner with you on your quest for health and well being through optimization of hormones, nutrition and education. Personalizing medicine for your individual physiology. I have done extensive training in functional medicine through national educational organization such as A4M and the Institute of Functional Medicine.